Why People Should Invest in DHA City Karachi

Why people should invest in DHA City Karachi

Pakistan is improving day by day in terms of architecture along with other domains it may concern, one of which is an investment. When talking about investment and architecture do not forget to mention DHA City Karachi. I will list down the features, opportunities, and reasons down below. These will help you reach a properly evaluated and scrutinized decision while investing.

Prime Location:

The project is at the eastern border of Karachi, borders Thatta District, and comes within South and Jamshoro District. We can reach DHA City Karachi through the Karachi-Hyderabad superhighway.

  • Lie at a distance of 56 km from Karachi center
  • 26 Km distance from Karachi highway

Features Offered:

  • Protection by Gated community
  • Green Spaces
  • Medical facilities
  • Educational institutions
  • Masjid

Future of DHA City

  • Investors are taking an increased interest from Pakistan and overseas in DHA City.
  • Previously the growth rate and planning were slow.
  • Currently, the market rate has increased significantly due to the construction of the Malir Expressway.
  • The expressway will connect DHA City with other phases of DHA.
  • Therefore, investor’s interest has accelerated.

Current Developmental status:

  • Malir Highway has shifted many investors to invest in DHA City.
  • The interchange of M9 Motorway has also opened for public use.
  • Basic facilities are available freely.
  • DHA City farmhouses are to get constructed soon.
  • As Karachi is growing towards Hyderabad, the expected value of DHA City is about to be increased too!
  • The name of DHA has gained enough trust from investors, which will eventually add to the value of DHA City‘s prospects.

Secure your property as soon as you can to benefit in a long run!

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