Which Sector is Best For Long-Term Investment in DHA City Karachi?

Which sector is best for long-term investment in DHA City Karachi

When talking about luxurious projects of Pakistan, do not forget to mention the newly launched project of DHA City Karachi. This project has captured the attention of many investors around the world. It will be an understatement if I say “around Pakistan only!” The sectors of DHA City are luscious and well-planned.  The sector that has managed to climb the ladder of fame and get in the deserved spotlight nowadays is sector 3. The price range of the area is going up respectively. Investors are busy making investments in the hope of better returns. Sector 3 has also allowed people ownership to become residents. The sector is well-equipped with all sorts of basic living facilities. A functional junior school is a cherry on top! Sector 3  got its design inspiration from Spanish architecture. Sector 3 extends over 310 acres with 1545 plots. The plots in sector 3, can be bought for commercial and residential use. Sector 3 provides you a dreamland filled with numerous amenities that one may require to live a sound and content life. Some eminent features the sector offers are;

  1. A small mart
  2. Green spaces
  3. Mosque
  4. Electricity, gas, and water
  5. Well planned sewerage and sanitation facility
  6. Educational and healthcare institution
  7. Parks
  8. Vigilant security

With time the price tags are increasing so is the value of owning a property in this sector. It is better to invest now, to benefit from the long-term investment as the market demand of the sector is rising.

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