Educational Institutions in DHA City Karachi

Educational Institutions in DHA City Karachi

DHA City Karachi is a marvelous place to reside in. DCK does not stay behind when the talk comes to educational institutions. There are grand schools and college systems that I’ll list down below. Some of them are in running state and others are coming soon!


DHA City Karachi is working ardently to meet the requirements of residents by providing a premium experience and place for learning. The state-of-art institutions were previously being run separately but have recently unified under the prestigious name of DHA City Karachi. The renowned institution is located in sector 3 of DCK.

  1. The institution operates to every facility of students ranging from playground to secondary, primary and tertiary education. In addition DHCSS also provides higher education.
  2. The staff of DCK is very professional in their approach. They make sure to cater to all needs of their students.
  3. The school has an attractive as well as conductive environment for learning. Buildings have same infrastructure with classrooms that are clean, well-lit and organized.
  4. There is a facility of library within class as well as a huge library in the school that offer a wide variety of books to choose from.
  5. DHACSS focuses on building the attitude of the students constructively.

City School:

City School is the largest private network with renowned educational facilities. The school is coming soon is DCK.

  1. The school will provide quality education.
  2. Their curriculum is knowledge and skill based. (Inspired from UK national curriculum).
  3. The school enables student’s to appear for IGSCE and O and A levels after they’ve cleared their Cambridge examination from City School.

Get benefited from these modern educational facilities today, if you are a resident of DCK or are planning to be one!

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