DHA Karachi Q&A

Q1: Can a plot be transferred within the same day?

Ans:   Yes, the Sign Before for transfer of plot can be executed within same day by payment of Urgent Sign Before fee, only when it is free from any and all encumbrances.

Q2: Can the plot / property be transferred without production of its title document?

Ans:  No, The title document of the property must be produced with the transfer documents.

Q3: Can a plot / property be transferred without surrender of ‘A’ Lease?

Ans:   No, ‘A’ lease must be surrendered before transfer of property except in case of legal heirs where on demise of the owner, ‘A’ lease is cancelled.

Q4: Can a plot / property be transferred without revocation of GPA?

Ans:  No, GPA (General Power Attorney) must be revoked before transfer of property.

Q5: Can a GPA holder transfer a plot?

Ans:  No, GPA holder cannot transfer the plot.

Q6: Can a plot / property be transferred without clearance of Bank where NOC for mortgage issued?

Ans:   No

Q7: Can a plot / property be transferred, if it is under investigation / litigation in any Govt Agency / Court?

Ans:  No

Q8: If an owner of plot is sick and cannot attend DHA office for Sign Before, what procedure can be adopted?

Ans:  The owner may submit his request for deputation of a DHA designated officer for Sign Before at his residence at his expense.

Q9: Is there only one type of DHA Membership?

Ans:  No. there are different types of DHA membership which has different fees.

Q10: Is a foreign national eligible for DHA membership?

Ans:  Yes.

Q11: Is a category ‘C’ DHA member eligible of DHA Clubs Membership?

Ans:  No, only Category ‘A’ and ‘B’ DHA members are eligible for the DHA club membership.

Q12: For transfer of DHA property in the name of legal heirs, what category membership is required?

Ans:  Legal heirs are required to obtain DHA membership in category ‘C’ However if legal heirs are already DHA Members in category ‘A’ or ‘B’ the category ‘C’ is not required.

Q13: Once the DHA membership obtained, is it valid for life time?

Ans:  DHA membership in category ‘A’ and ‘B’ are valid for life time subject to renewal after every 5 years.

Q14: What are the benefits of category ‘B’ membership in DHA?

Ans:  The holder of DHA category ‘B’ membership is eligible for sale/purchase of all type of properties DHA and DHA club memberships.

Q15: Can a minor become member in DHA?

Ans:  Yes, a minor can obtain DHA membership through his guardian.

Q16: How a member can change his postal and permanent address in the record of DHA?

Ans:  The member can change his postal and permanent address any time under his own signatures on a prescribed Change of Address proforma.

Q17: How was the Founder of DHA?

Ans:  The Founder of DHA is President Gen Zia-ul-Haq

Q18: How many Phases are in DHA?

Ans:  There are 8 Phase in DHA.

Q19: Where is DHA office located?

Ans:  2-B East Street, Phase-I, DHA Karachi Pakistan.

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