CBD in DHA City Karachi

CBD in DHA City Karachi

CBD stands for Central Business District. It is a commercial project initiated by DHA. CBD got built for adding charm and creating business scope in the newly developed DHA City Karachi. The district contains banks, parking areas, financial domains, yummy food corners, and much more.

Location and Area:

The central business district is at a distance of four minutes if you are ascending from DHA City‘s entrance. CBD lies on an area of 103 acres. Central Business district offers plots ranging from 200 to 1000 square yards. The main road of DHA City will aid in connecting all sixteen sectors of DHA City to the CBD.

How is CBD Developed?

DHA City Karachi has a grand master plan which sub-divides into five splendid districts. The five districts are:

  1. It lies over 103 acres. (The central business.)
  2. It covers 103 acres. (The education district)
  3. It spans over 96 acres. (The central market district)
  4. It will occupy 49 acres.(The culture and art district)
  5. It will cover over 101 acres. The mix-use district will encompass different domains that include healthcare, recreational, and necessities. (The mix-use)

From the eye of a resident of DHA City:

  • The location helps CBD to secure its place as the main attraction. You can easily reach the district from all sectors within minutes as it lies in the center.
  • All the offices (government or private) will get constructed in the Central business district.
  • The total land where CBD is to get established is 103 acres.
  • The Central Business district will consist of properties from varied domains residential, commercial, and mixed plots.
  • The district will get affiliated with eco-friendly and renewable energy resources.

Secure, safe, and hi-technology security will make your visit to the Central business district worth your time and effort!

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