Best Security in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Security system and services carry an efficient crew of strong and resilient men who are on foot to protect you and your property. The system is an extension of the Bahria foundation. The security team has offices in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. Other than man force, the security services provide bodyguards, CCTV cameras, mobile escort, electronic security, and much more.

  • Vision:

Bahria Town Karachi security services have maintained their name by providing the best services at a national level. Being phenomenal is their priority!

  • Mission:

The security system of BTK does not settle for less. The services offered by them are dynamic and professional. Bahria Town is a recognized brand name. The security BTK offers do not fail the trust of the residents. Bahria town Karachi‘s security service has added more to Bahria‘s already hard-earned reputation.

  • Core Value:

Bahria town security system has a history of excellence. Being efficient in protecting the gated community and making it a haven for the residents is the organization’s core responsibility. The staff working under the security domain has clients coming from different professions, companies, and backgrounds.

Guards of BTK are very trustworthy, helpful, and well-trained. These guards have verified job documents and identity and are well-equipped. BTK guards fulfill the resident’s security needs very well.

  • Electronic Security Services:

BTK has excellent electronic security services that encompass CCTV, scanners, biometric access systems, walk-through gates, and much more to make BTK a safe and secure place.

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