Bahria Town VS DHA City Karachi


You can see the progress of development in Bahria Town Karachi and DHA City Karachi. Bahria Town Karachi features a moneymaking investment also as (where there are many homes) facilities whereas, DCK worth thanks to its level of trust. Development of any (community of people/all good people within the world) is, however, a really very long discussion but we’ve summarized it into points. Here may be a brief comparison of Bahria Town Karachi with DHA City Karachi. Location of Bahria Town Karachi is found on Karachi and Hyderabad highway, 9 km faraway from tool plaza. DHA City Karachi is found 20 km far away from the tract. The interchange of both (communities of people) is building at a quick speed. DHA first time given out/set aside plots for the overall public otherwise DHA was launched for the military officers before. Total Land of Bahria Town Karachi contains 16,896(area of land about 200 feet X 220 feet) land (after Supreme Court’s decision). However, DHA City Karachi gave out land of 20,000 (areas of land about 200 feet X 220 feet) for its (community of people/all good people within the world). There’s a complete of 17 sector areas on which this land has structured.


The launching date of Bahria Town Karachi is 2014, however, it has developed many of its (where there are many homes) areas and that they are livable. like Area (of a city or town) 1, Quaid Villas, Bahria Homes and Ali Block are the places where possession has given. It’s referred to as the foremost fast developments in Pakistan. As compared to Bahria Town Karachi, DHA has structured all of its parts/areas but only Part/area 3 has given possession. It’s important/famous here that the launch date of DHA City Karachi is 5 years before Bahria Town Karachi, 2009.

Bahria Town has built beautiful/putting under a spell land within the city of lights. you’ll see Day and Night Safari, Dan Zoo, Dancing Fountain and International standard amusement park here. Whereas, DHA possesses a natural structure on its way. However, in area (of a city or town) 3 you’ll get activated Montessori School, DOW University Hospital, Facility Centre and Shopping Centers within the (very interesting) green area. quite that, you’ve got an appointment of banks, gymnasium, sports ground, court and long court in Area (of a city or town) 3.

Bahria Town Karachi possesses different options for the buyers like there you’ll find villas, plots, and apartments. Buying Property in Bahria Town Karachi is useful for the (people or businesses who give money to assist start businesses) because plots in Bahria Town are available on easy instalments and you’ll also pay fully for these plots. Whereas, you’ll buy 200,300 and 500 sq. yard plots in DHA City Karachi. Part/area 2 of DHA City Karachi contains (an area of water during a desert/a nice place surrounded by bad things).

Investment Return

Real Estate (service business/government unit/power/functioning) in Karachi is providing knowledge of the investment in plots and apartments. As far as investment in Bahria Town Karachi cares. Initial return of Bahria Town investment was good but in 2015 and 2016, Bahria Town came with (more than two, but not tons of) projects which have gotten less the market situation. One more reason for this dropdown was conflict on the land. However, after the Supreme Court Decision, now you’ll see (firm and steady nature/lasting nature/strength) in its prices.

Whereas, plot prices of DHA City Karachi are seeing growth. In 2016, plot prices of DHA have seen a peak. People trust DHA City Karachi investment opportunities because it’s under the authority of army. This is often the rationale that folks want to take a position here more which also return with the high returns. Across the ocean Pakistani has opportunity to take a position within the different housing big plans/layouts/dishonest plans in Karachi because now, Pakistani currency has reduced the worth of. With the increase in currency and increase in several housing big plans/layouts/dishonest plans of Karachi. Offshore Pakistani will get a high return with reference to their investment.

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