Bahria Town Schools and Colleges & Education Systems

Bahria Town Schools and Colleges & Education Systems

When the talk comes to aiming for top-notch lifestyle and quality institutions, schools and realtors get driven by the same idea. Here are the ones that make schools and colleges of BTK unique:


Bahria education systems have the reputation to reckon! The vision the educational institutions of Bahria aspire is to make every Pakistani child educated. Bahria schools and colleges have a high standard of academic education and excellence.


The school provides a wide range of facilities that include a library and an efficient transportation system.


  1. The educational institutions of BTK have a science lab, computer labs, an auditorium, children’s playgrounds, etc.
  2. There is an arrangement of seating in the auditorium for 300 children.
  3. The auditorium has a massive projector screen, a smooth internet connection, and a working audio system.


Bahria Town Karachi has a set of faculty members that are very competent, hardworking, and properly educated. The teachers get necessary workshops and training. The teaching staff is blessed to have a  facility of pick and drop.



Preschoolers are offered co-curricular activities along with their learning. This activity-based learning strengthens brain development. In the preschool years, grading is not allowed to diminish chances of unhealthy competition. Children are encouraged to maintain social interaction among other students.

Middle school and Higher studies:

In middle and higher school studies, the students receive skill-based learning. The brain develops fast through this sort of learning. Extracurricular activities like sports, music, competitions, arts and craft making, and speech delivering are encouraged.

Other Facilities:

  1. The educational institutions have swimming pools and skill-enhancing domains.
  2. The rooms of Bahria Town Karachi are air-conditioned and spacious.
  3. Available food is nutritious and clean.

All the students are provided access to pick and drop service.

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